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    From 120 US dollars

The Land of Buddha Event Room is located inside the “Land of Buddha” store located at 11 Saint Marks Place, East Village, Manhattan, New York City.

It was constructed by the owner to be a sacred healing space dedicated to Meditation and Sound Healing practices, with a focus on educating, supporting mindfulness, meditation teachers and sound healing practitioners. It is the owner’s mission to make meditation, sound healing and spirituality more accessible to serve the public by offering the space to help people reach levels of peace and calm. This is all possible through the physical practices of meditation and through sound baths, in hopes of contributing to the development of a thoughtful, kindhearted, and contemplative society.

Looking like a museum or an official Tibetan/Buddhist temple, the Meditation Room is decorated with numerous antiques and Buddhist religious items, beautifully hand painted Buddhist art works, handmade masks and other crafts. Traditional Tibetan rugs, and consecrated statues are also available in our store. 

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