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About Us

Land of Buddha Wellness Center is a space intended for wellness practices rooted in Buddhist tradition. 


The consecrated center holds regular events including teachings, meditation, instruction and ceremony with the intent of improving quality of life for visitors through Buddhist science and by extension improvement of the community and the world. 


A visit to the Saint Marks Place center is an immersive experience.  Where one is bathed in the artistry of Buddhism’s historical homeland.  Traditional tapestries called “Thangka” surround the visitor with artisan crafted sculpture placed at key focal points in a room of color and textures modeling the feel of the Kathmandu valley. 

Land of Buddha Wellness Center marries ancient tradition with modern technology.

Interactive livestreaming with international teachers is conducted through a powerful modern theater system. The powerful theater system allows visitors to go beyond the walls of New York to visit the past and present of Buddhism in the Himalayan Valley and beyond. 

Land of Buddha Wellness Center has been built with a state of the art ventilation system ensuring excellent air quality and comfort for visitors. 

Membership to Land of Buddha Wellness Center offers patrons free weekly meditation sessions, discounts on events hosted by the center itself and discounts at our partner store, the Land of Buddha.

We look forward to your arrival!

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