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Buddhist Master


Sound Healer


Sound Healer


Featured Teacher/Instructor, Sound and Vibrational Healing Practitioner, Tibetan and Himalayan Singing Bowl Consultant & Merchandiser. Responsible for hosting and performing both private and group sound bath sessions, sound meditations, sound healing classes, reiki healing sessions. 


Mel Rio is also a certified Usui Reiki Master and Crystal Reiki Healer. While experimenting with Sound Healing, Sound & Vibration Massage Therapy, Usui Reiki and Crystal Energy Healing, she created and practices what she now calls "Sonic Crystal Reiki".

"Sonic Crystal Reiki" is a unique healing modality which combines Sound and Vibrational Therapy with Reiki and Crystal Energy Healing. Main sound instruments used by Mel Rio during a session are Antique Tibetan and Himalayan Singing Bowls, the Buffalo Drum, Japanese Rin Gongs, Tibetan Tingshas and Koshi Wind Chimes.



Atma Buti Sound & Vibrational School

Mel Rio is a certified Sound and Vibrational Healing Practitioner from both the "Atma Buti Sound & Vibrational School" and "The Singing Bowl & Sound Institute of New York", which were both instructed by Katherine Hamer during the Fall-Spring of 2018-2019.


The Singing Bowl & Sound Institute of New York

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