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General Policy


The Land of Buddha Wellness Center respects your privacy. It is a key part of doing what we do, creating a safe space for people no matter how they engage with the school, whether that is by purchasing a book, attending a course or becoming a long-term student. The School values the privacy of all and therefore chooses to apply the same high level of standards for everyone, regardless of where you are based and how you engage with the school.


We understand that some of the personal information you provide can be sensitive. The school only collects information that is necessary for your participation, for your safety and that of others, and to facilitate the school's operations.


Please read this carefully as this privacy statement explains how the school collects, uses, stores, protects and shares your personal data.


The following will help you understand what personal information the school processes, how it is collected, what is done with the personal information and why.

WHAT personal data does the Land of Buddha Wellness Center process?

The school will collect different kinds of personal data from you depending on the type of engagement you have with us. This could include:

  • Your name, date of birth and basic contact information, such as home address, telephone number and email address;

  • Your purchase history, for example, which self-paced courses you have purchased so that we know that you have met any prerequisites for purchasing additional courses or attending an in-person course;

  • Your payment information, in order to process an order at your request and to keep appropriate accounting records;

  • If you would like to attend a course, special categories of personal information such as religious / philosophical beliefs or health information, for example, any dietary requirements or physical concerns you may have, and any relevant medical or psychological history that is important to know to ensure that a course is suitable and conducted in a safe environment for you and fellow participants;

  • If you become a member of the online community operated by the school, information to create a profile visible to other community members including your date of birth and a photograph of yourself, your use of the services and any content you choose to contribute to the online community (for example, sharing your experiences or sending an in-community message to another member).

  • If you browse the Land of Buddha Wellness Center website, your IP address is received as part of the communication, however, this information is anonymized prior to any further use. The Land of Buddha Wellness Center does not collect or track personal data related to your website use. The Land of Buddha Wellness Center does not make use of cookies. 


Please register and pay online in advance of the program to make certain you receive all communications including the link for the program. Our online payment system is set up to accept payment. The Land of Buddha Wellness Center accepts cash, credit cards and checks at the registration desk.



Given new COVID variants and the release of the bivalent booster in September, (name of the organization) has updated the vaccination requirement of our COVID policy:

We ask that all participants joining us in person be fully vaccinated against COVID-19, including recommended boosters. Beginning November 7, 2022, people will need to have had a bivalent booster to participate in person. If your vaccination was recent, please ensure that at least two weeks have passed prior to joining us at (name of the organization).

Please note that if you cannot get the bivalent booster right now because they’ve recently had COVID or other boosters, then we are inviting you to attend online until two weeks after your booster.



In order to keep the atmosphere conducive to inner reflection and spiritual pursuit and to minimize distractions during the course, students on our residential courses and retreats are asked to abide by our basic code of discipline listed below.

  • Please settle all outside communication before the course begins. Telling friends and family that you will be out of contact for the duration of the course and sticking by that decision significantly reduces distraction from investigation into the workings of your own mind! Likewise, please settle your travel arrangements etc. before you come to Land of Buddha Wellness Center.

  • You are expected to observe silence (no talking at all) from the evening of the first day until the end of the course.

  • Do not leave Land of Buddha Wellness Center property for the entire course.

  • Participants must attend all sessions of the course and come to sessions on time.

  • Please put all communication / entertainment devices (laptop / mobile phones /cameras / MP3/CD players) etc. into our safe at check-in.

  • Please be gentle in your behavior and sensitive to fellow group members.


All events may be subject to video and audio recording.



The center will not be responsible for loss of private property (Please DO NOT bring valuables)



No activities in this center are a substitute for your medical treatment.



The Land of Buddha Wellness Center is open to everyone, and does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, age, height, weight, physical or mental ability, veteran status, military obligations, and marital status.


Smoking of any kind of cigarettes (including e-cigarettes / vapes) are not allowed on premises.



If you cancel your participation within the week prior to the program, you can apply those funds to another upcoming program of your choice. You will receive credit for classes that have been canceled or postponed because of unseen circumstances that are beyond our control.

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